Scholarship Information

The mission of the St. Andrew’s Society of Pittsburgh is to preserve and promote Scottish heritage and traditions through educational, philanthropic and social endeavors, primarily in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  A major part of our strategy is to offer scholarships in the Scottish arts and traditions.  These are awarded to people who are seriously studying, who have a need, and who demonstrate a willingness to develop and share Scottish heritage.

Our scholarships are open to all people residing in the Greater Pittsburgh area who are actively practicing any Scottish traditions.  Anyone wishing to be considered for scholarship money must complete the application form linked below and return it as directed.  A talented beginner will be considered equally with a more experienced student.  Having received a scholarship in the past should not deter the applicant from applying again.  It should be noted that financial assistance for costumes, supplies, and/or musical instruments will be considered along with seeking assistance for instruction or workshop attendance.  On the application we ask what Scottish events or activities the applicant has participated in.  We understand that the past couple years, in light of the COVID pandemic, have been extraordinarily limited in performing opportunities, and we recognize this.

We hope that good circulation of this application through instructors and other interested individuals will allow it to reach people who are interested and deserving of help in furthering their studies.  Applications must be received by Friday, May 6, 2022.  We would prefer to receive your application and materials via email at; however, hard copy via mail is acceptable too.  Members of the Scholarship Committee will review the applications and award scholarships based on the information received.

If you have a question, please contact me at


Dale McLeod
Scholarship Committee Chair
St. Andrew’s Society of Pittsburgh

2018 scholarship recipients at the Ohio Scottish Arts School.