Membership in the St. Andrew’s Society of Pittsburgh is open to men and women of all ages. The St. Andrew’s Society of Pittsburgh offers several classes of membership:

Documented members can prove direct lineage to Scotland by birth or descent.

Undocumented members can’t prove direct lineage to Scotland, but have ancestors with surnames listed in

“Family Surnames of Scotland” or another recognized genealogical work.

Friends of Scotland have no ancestral ties to Scotland, but have an interest in Scottish life and heritage.

Membership Classes and Dues are as Follows:

Regular – Annual Dues $25

Spousal (if the other spouse meets the requirements for membership) – Annual Dues $15

Junior (students aged 25 or younger) – Annual Dues $10

There is a $10 initiation fee for those joining the Society for the first time.

Membership Application Form

Our membership forms are available online as PDF files to print or download.  Use the following links:

Questions? Please contact us via email: .